Richard WIsby

Film Maker

Iya, if you’re reading this section of my website then you’re in for a little story about how I started on my journey of making movie magic. I’ll try not to take too long. 

I first discovered that I could film on my brothers first digital camera whilst playing in the garden when I was about 13. What started as two silly little boys pretending to make fake adverts from the garden, turned into me using film for most my school Art, RE, and Geography assignments. 

After school I decided to leave all my pals and go my separate way to study Film and TV. (I am still unsure whether this was a good idea.) After learning a lot more about how to properly do things and actually develop a style and taste, I did what any sensible person would do and go work in a chicken shop for a year. 

After not knowing what I was doing or where I was going, I got the chance to join a small production company very close to where I lived. The owner took me under his wing and I quickly developed my skills as an Editor, Camera Op and even Motion Designer including the occasional 3D project. 

Since then I have worked for various different clients, on a range of projects from mini docs to short 30s adverts. I am a skilled editor, with a breadth of technical knowledge. I also have experience as a self-shooting director. 


Currently I am an Editor at Casual Films based in London.